Looking for a Home


Sorry we've been silent for so long but a situation arose in recent months that has threatened the existence of the Altadena Free School. We had a real setback after it came to light that the owner of the Children's Country House has been operating without a permit. Several other issues beyond our control made it impossible and irresponsible to stay at that location and so, despite an enormous amount of work that went into opening the school there, we have decided to move out and look for a new home.

At this point, to continue with the school, we need your help. We can't do this alone and are now turning to you, our wonderful, enthusiastic community for help in finding a new home. Though we are looking in the Altadena/Pasadena area we are open to other parts of the city if the location is great.

We're looking for at least three or four rooms to function as our library, art room, games room and common room, in addition to outdoor space and, preferably, a kitchen. You can look at the pictures of what we previously had in place to get an idea of the kind of home we're looking for but we are also open to the unusual and the undiscovered.

And to all those who were considering the school this Fall but didn't get a chance to visit, please get in touch directly. Even with a new home we cannot open without a minimum number of committed families and students. We encourage you to step up and take part in making it happen. Schools like this are never easy to give birth to. The challenges can be enormous and it can take some schools a long time to find their permanent home. It takes the support and efforts of everyone who wants to make it happen.

We will take whatever time is necessary to find the right place and when we do, we can let take root something unprecedented in this city.

Please spread the word.

We look forward to hearing from all of you!

Alexander Baack
Director, AFS