We are in our very first year so we have many needs, hopes and desires for our campus and our students. For now we have no outside financial assistance and are relying solely on tuition to cover the cost of our space rental, insurance, taxes, staff salaries and material items. So we welcome any financial or practical contributions.

You can also support us by making a secure tax deductible contribution. You can contribute online through the button below. 

Wish List

The school is always interested in donations of goods and services. If you or someone you know would like to contribute something feel free to contact us. Here is our current wish list of items we are looking for:

-Beanbag chairs
-Art supplies
-Reading chairs
-Computers (preferably Apple)
-Books (including history, art, science, ballet, piano)
-Board games (including chess, checkers, monopoly, dungeons and dragons, backgammon, clue, operation, battleship, stratego, math games)
-Kitchen items
-Cooking ingredients
-Soccer balls
-Hockey nets/sticks
-Other Instruments (guitars, drums, horns, strings, keyboards, anything)
-Science equipment
-Magic supplies
-Sewing supplies
-Film equipment (including animation)
-Building stuff
-Robot building equipment
-Audiobook CDs or MP3s
-Record player
-Electronic games (NOT video games; ie. Simon, Bop It, walkie talkies, remote control cars/helicopters/robots, etc.)
-Outdoor stuff (frisbees, soccer balls, baseball stuff, basketballs, bouncy balls, pogo sticks, hula hoops, scooters, kites, water pistols, tether balls, jump ropes, etc.)
-Old fashioned toys (yo-yos, slinky, etch a sketch, marbles, play doh, etc.)