A short but lovely introduction from the Brooklyn Free School.

John Holt was a public school teacher who became one of the greatest education writers of the century and coined the term "unschooling".

This is a lovely film that shows, day to day, what a working democratic free school looks like.

A Ted Talk from AERO founder Jerry Mintz on the power of democratic education.

From the wonderful Sir Ken Robinson. With over 30 million views, there is a reason this is the most popular TED Talk of all time.

The great John Taylor Gatto on the history and purpose of state controlled schooling.

The visionary A.S. Neill was the founder of Summerhill, the first democratic free school.

Sir Ken Robinson's follow up to the most popular TED Talk of all time.

Again, Sir Ken Robinson.

See what happens when students design their own school.

Life moves pretty fast.