Looking for a Home


Sorry we've been silent for so long but a situation arose in recent months that has threatened the existence of the Altadena Free School. We had a real setback after it came to light that the owner of the Children's Country House has been operating without a permit. Several other issues beyond our control made it impossible and irresponsible to stay at that location and so, despite an enormous amount of work that went into opening the school there, we have decided to move out and look for a new home.

At this point, to continue with the school, we need your help. We can't do this alone and are now turning to you, our wonderful, enthusiastic community for help in finding a new home. Though we are looking in the Altadena/Pasadena area we are open to other parts of the city if the location is great.

We're looking for at least three or four rooms to function as our library, art room, games room and common room, in addition to outdoor space and, preferably, a kitchen. You can look at the pictures of what we previously had in place to get an idea of the kind of home we're looking for but we are also open to the unusual and the undiscovered.

And to all those who were considering the school this Fall but didn't get a chance to visit, please get in touch directly. Even with a new home we cannot open without a minimum number of committed families and students. We encourage you to step up and take part in making it happen. Schools like this are never easy to give birth to. The challenges can be enormous and it can take some schools a long time to find their permanent home. It takes the support and efforts of everyone who wants to make it happen.

We will take whatever time is necessary to find the right place and when we do, we can let take root something unprecedented in this city.

Please spread the word.

We look forward to hearing from all of you!

Alexander Baack
Director, AFS

Open House


As our first day races toward us, come see this unique place for yourself, and see how much fun it is to see your kids discover it too!

You can RSVP on our Facebook page:


Drop In!

We'll be available for anyone to drop in to the clubhouse and have a tour. This Sunday (7/12) @ 11:00 am for an hour. Come say hello and play!


To all those parents concerned about the new vaccination law which goes into effect in one year, if you enroll in THIS Fall, your personal belief exemption (which we include in all registration packets) will stand, at the very least, until 7th grade, or possibly until such point that you might enroll in another school. Since our school goes from age 6 to 18, it's possible this will remain a non issue. The point is, it looks like your child will not require vaccination to attend our school this Fall. Feel free to contact us to discuss further.



Arrange a Visit!

If you missed the open house contact us to arrange a visit. Registration is filling up so get in touch asap if you are considering ACH this Fall.

Open House!

It's our first open house in our new home! And our last before the year starts. Come visit the school, play, meet the staff, meet other parents and students, meet the animals and pick up a registration packet!

We highly suggest that you research all the material on this website, from articles and links to videos so you have a working knowledge of how free schools work. We will not be able to take the time to explain the philosophies but will use the day to introduce ourselves, show you our space and talk about our plans for the year. 

Hope to see you there. Visit our Facebook page to RSVP.

And remember, there is a limit of 20 students for our first year so feel free to start the enrollment process as soon as possible!

We have a home!

We just signed the lease on our new home at the Children's Country House on 2821 Santa Rosa Ave., just one block North of the originally planned campus. The Altadena Clubhouse will occupy the upper floor of the building as well as the South side of the exterior, which includes a garden, goats, ducks and a pony named Starbright.

We'll spend the next few weeks preparing the space for an open house but in the meantime, registration is open and we only have 20 full time spots available. So first come first serve so make sure you're applied for enrollment on our registration page.

It all starts September 8th! We're excited!!!

Open House - 2/22 11:00am-1:00pm

Farnsworth Park

Farnsworth Park

The Altadena Clubhouse is holding its first open house! On Sunday, Feb. 22, from 11:00am to 1:00pm, we'll be on hand at Farnsworth Park in Altadena to talk about the school in detail, answer questions and hold open discussions. We invite and encourage you to offer any and all ideas on any subject as this school is designed to function democratically, with equal say for all students and staff alike. And that begins now, in the earliest decision making process. So whether you're interested in registering for school or not (full and part time will be available), do come and see what's happening and share your thoughts.

RSVP on our Facebook page.

And bring the kids (and/or teens). They often have ideas no one else would think of and there will be plenty of play time. :)

Farnsworth Park
568 Mt. Curve Ave E, 
Altadena, CA 91001