The California Free School has partnered with The Outdoor School to provide an after school program that brings our students to a place where they can explore and learn about nature. At 3:30, every day, students travel to Panther Ridge Farm, where naturalist, Hop Hopkins spends time sharing his extensive experience as an urban farmer, arborist and naturalist.

The program runs after CFS school hours and tuition rates will be announced soon.

If you cannot arrange it we can arrange transportation for your child. Just let us know.

If you would like to sign up for this program, just speak to our staff or contact us here at the website.


The Outdoor School at PANTHER RIDGE FARM is an environmental education program of PANTHER RIDGE FARM that
offers wilderness and agricultural experiences for children and their families. These local environmental explorations and hands-on learn-by-doing experiences are designed to foster a sense of reverence and respect for life on our planet and to develop mindfulness of the natural systems that connect and sustain us all. It is our goal that through these experiences we are creating the next generation of environmental leaders and community stewards.


The mission of the Outdoor School is to provide children with meaningful outdoor experiences that develop capacities and skills in nature to encourage self-awareness and compassion with a sense of equity and responsibility for the Earth, their community and each other throughout their lives.


The class offerings of the Outdoor School are grounded in our desire to have students interact and learn closely with nature. Our goal is to provide an experience through which the students gain an awareness of the interrelationship and interdependence of all living things. From hiking outings, to journaling, from foraging outdoors, to community celebrations, the philosophy of immersion is present. Interactions between instructors and students focus on fun, creativity, respect, awareness, understanding and learning.

As teachers and naturalists, we believe:

What a student “hears” he may forget
What a student “sees” she may remember
What a student “experiences” they will KNOW

At PRF the natural world is revealed, so that we may witness and experience our role in nature.

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Hop “Poppa Hop” Hopkins,

Poppa Hop is a certified Arborist, a Master Gardener, has his Basic Permaculture Design Certificate and is a certified Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) instructor. Hop was born in Dallas, Texas and has been a Grassroots Environmental Justice Community Organizer in Seattle, WA, Portland, OR and Los Angeles, CA. He received his BA from New College of California as a graduate in the Culture Ecology & Sustainable Communities program. There Hop focused on natural building, ecological design and analyzing race and class within the Intentional Communities movement. He and his wife, Adalila Zelada-Garcia, homeschool their two daughters and steward a quarter of an acre of land inhabited with chickens, honey bees, and multiple compost piles

For seven years Poppa Hop contributed his talents to the Los Angeles Conservation Corps in various roles including Urban Forestry Manager and Director of Vocational Programs. In these roles he spearheaded program implementation, created training programs and assisted with curriculum development for underserved youth in the areas of Wildland Firefighting, Environmental Remediation, Water Efficiency and Solar Installation. He then spent a year and a half with the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust where he was the Director of Programs and managed the Youth Education and Urban Agriculture program. Poppa Hop has also served as a Board Member for the Community Coalition for Environmental Justice, Western States Center and People’s College of Law. Presently, Hop sits on the Advisory Committee for the Southern Food and Beverage Museum, is a Board Member for Village Playgarden (where he earned his nickname) and an active member of the Urban Agriculture Working Group of the Los Angeles Food Policy Council.

Additionally, Poppa Hop is a long time vegetarian, Nonviolent Communication practitioner and recently completed the Ojai Foundation’s Center for Council Practice Training for Social Justice Organizers. Hop believes that life is not a competitive struggle and he is driven by his vision to create a network of residential food forests, in order to support the development of stable, human-scale, solar, self-reliant neighborhood communities integrated with cooperative local economies.

On the farm, Hop is the Farm Manger, Lead Steward for PANTHER RIDGE FARM educational programming and Ambassador of Humor.